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Peter has a dream job. He's a popular magician in a posh Prague nightclub, whose act draws more applause than the strippers. He's got an eye-catching assistant who is ready and willing to cuddle his frayed nerves whenever necessary. But he's also got Sylvia on his neck: a pert, scatterbrained sister who forgets that a toss in the hay may just be worth a wedding ring. Things take a turn for the better - or worse? - when he discovers he possesses extra - let's say, supernatural - powers that enable him to see into the future, hear music by rubbing his finger over a CD, and God knows what. The problem? Peter can't control anything any more like he used to - neither his magic act, nor his love life, nor his sister's latest erotic fantasy.
Comedy, Mystery
0 h 08 min
Ivan Trojan, Tomás Pavelka, Nela Boudová
Release Date
6 December 2019
 Czech Republic | Germany
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