pressure cooker

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pressure cooker
In the India of 1990's, which hadn't yet opened up to the glitter of free market and unimaginable choices, monotony had a flavour attached to it, which was crafted with utmost care and attention over the years. What happens when a lonely home maker from middle class Mumbai starts getting a taste of novelty, through a metaphorical new automatic pressure cooker and the attraction from a younger man. Will she be able to allow new commodities to enter the floodgates of her world? Pressure Cooker is an effort to look at the changing modernizing worlds of commodity and sexuality in an era where change of anything, especially of a kitchen appliance was a deeply emotional issue, from the eyes of a middle aged Mumbai woman.
0 h 05 min
Rahul Bagga, Mukul Chadda, Pallavi Joshi
Release Date
8 December 2019
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