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Scraps is a short film about Maggie, a teenaged girl burdened with not knowing where she came from. Her story begins at infancy during her last encounter with her mother, which involves a spontaneous and deranged baptism. Being born again to a string of foster parents, Maggie reminds herself that even though her life seems bleak, it can always be worse. She survives on scraps of kindness from others, but longs for the day when mere survival isn't her primary concern. Maggie's desire to know her origins ends when she convinces herself that her mother is Rhonda, a ranting homeless woman. As she tries to save Rhonda she realizes that even if she is her mother, she is not capable of mothering.
biography, Drama
0 h 04 min
Meghan Case, Valerie Claussen, Rich Furry
Release Date
2 January 2020
 United States
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