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Rene is a child girl full of jealous about Sunny, her older sister and a winner uncountable times in all kind of contests. Exposing her hate in her diary, Rene discover horrified that that ink of the letters where she written the hate about Sunny come life leave the pages of the diary, turned in an ink drops that enjoy destroying whatever that it be related with Sunny. Trying to return them to the diary or smash them against the ground, Rene learns that Sunny is exiting the school bus to in the house, but then ink drops combine in a big ink monster ready to hurt Sunny as soon as she open the door. Will can Rene to stop the ink monster before Sunny go inside her house and meet the monster?
Animation, Fantasy
0 h 03 min
Ying Wu, Lizzia Xu
Release Date
5 August 2016
 United States
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