The Big Dam

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The Big Dam
Young Bedford is accepted by a girl who loves and marries him, thereby making Dillon, the rejected suitor, an enemy for life. Both men are contractors, and put in a bid for a large dam to be completed within a year, under a forfeit of $25,000. The contract is awarded Bedford, which makes Dillon more vindictive. We are shown scenes of the work in progress. Bedford is getting worried as to whether he will be able to get the work through on time. At this juncture Dillon disguises himself, and gets Bedford to hire him as a foreman. As soon as he gets to work he does his best to keep the men from working as hard as they did. Time goes on until it is but two days from the expiration of the contract. Dillon writes a fake telegram to Bedford, saying that he can get a number of men from a neighboring town, by making personal application. Bedford hurries there immediately. While away, Dillon succeeds in getting the men to stop work. All cease with the exception of one man who informs Mrs. ...
Drama, western
0 h 14 min
Herbert Prior, Mabel Trunnelle, James Gordon
Release Date
9 February 2020
 United States
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