The Hunter

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The Hunter
Dedicated to heroes and mothers. The hunter is a film of our time, the film shows the relation of the person to MOTHER (in the deepest meaning of this word), AS the BASIS FOR LIFE In the country, in the forgotten small village, lives, forgotten by the king, the war hero and the deep drunkard Nelson. His family, his Wife and the newborn sonny, only hope for a cow, the wet nurse they call it for it. At the date of the beginning of our story, that cow didn't live, it was torn to pieces by hungry She-wolf mother, because all the game in that wood is exterminated by people. Having exchanged the medals for three cartridges at the cheapskate of the brother that lives richly, entirely on a human sorrow, to buy their gold for pennies here his job. Three wolf skins and a deer - the price for a new cow. Nelson with a gun and rage leaves in the wood, as a wolf he seeks, looks for someone's death, as a consolation.
Action, Adventure, Drama
0 h 07 min
Anna Arush, Egor Daveyan, Armen Grayg
Release Date
28 December 2019
 Armenia | Russia
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