Time Travel

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Time Travel
Mathias and Anders are close friends. One day Mathias comes by and tells Anders he has managed to build a time machine. Anders laughs and is very skeptical to the whole thing. Later Anders gets a call from the hospital; his sister Martine is dead. At the funeral Mathias tells Anders that he needs to stay positive and that some things are just meant to happened. Mathias will later try to test the time machine, however Anders changes the date and travels back in time to before Martine died. Mathias follows Anders back in time to stop him from doing something stupid. Anders is convinced that saving Martine is the right thing to do, but Mathias knows that disturbing the space time continuum is a risky business.
0 h 22 min
Mathias Lien, Anders Hunstad, Martine Hagebakken
Release Date
4 April 2020
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