Uber Ex

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Uber Ex
It's Friday night and Kate and David are out on a rather significant date early in their relationship. She has accompanied him to a friend's engagement party. David is in love with her, and she's definitely on her way but not there yet. David calls an Uber to take them home. It comes. They get in. The driver, Lev, is her old flame. Now, stuck in a car together for a long drive home, the three of them must navigate each other. Lev pursuing Kate. David threatened by Lev. And Kate, in the middle, trying to decide between the exhilaration of a volatile old flame and the stability of a newfound good bet. By the time the reach their first stop, David's apartment, none of them know for certain what the future holds, but they all know enough to at least move one more step forward.
Comedy, Romance
0 h 05 min
Jonathan Marballi, Jeremy Michaels, Paige Lindsay Betts
Release Date
9 September 2019
 United States
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